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The World and Money

28 May

What happened if money just disappeared? I don’t mean what if everybody was suddenly poor, but I mean what if money all of a sudden lost every importance it had originally. How would we manage? What would change?

Hypothetical situation. Let’s say a benevolent researcher develops an invention that is able to deconstitute inorganic mass and turn it into something else. It basically collects all of the independent molecules, tears them apart, and puts them together again into something new. Not only that, but because of this, they can be made cheaply and distributed to everyone across the world. All of a sudden, we can go back to all those garbage dumps and raze them to the ground. Slums, old and broken highways, decrepit buildings, everything destroyed and replaced in a matter of moments. Ignoring for the fact the science behind such an invention, what would happen to the world? Read the rest of this entry »