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Pre-Built Boxes

16 Dec

Ah, the box mentality.

Society has spent years manufacturing boxes to put people in. We’ve done it for personalities, for interests, for cultures, and for stereotypes. I like to think that I’m not so distracted a person to unnecessarily box people in without getting the time to know them. I know plenty of beautiful and amazing people that couldn’t fit into a box if they tried, but is that really a bad thing?

Give me any box and I can give you an exception that doesn’t fit inside of it. If you even attempt to claim that your series of boxes encompasses the world and any of your boxes holds more than one person, I will undoubtedly disagree.

Also, our boxes are getting old and rotten. The ones that have been around for hundreds of years are starting to look well and tattered, especially in modern society. Toss them aside and instead use aspects of self to identify the complex individuals that we are.

Kind of makes me wonder what kinds of aspects would make up a list?

~ Aiden Wrenne