Project Blog – Reaching Out

28 Apr

Recent efforts related to my book project have primarily been reaching out for input on my initial concepts and chapter proposals, as well as hunting some fresh proposals from a few youth communities. I hit a bit of a roadblock with the youth community I subscribed to, due to having the lack of foresight to, y’know, post -anything- before putting my book idea out there, and the current administrator’s not knowing if I was some kook off the street or an actual furry, but still, I managed to get things settled in a good way, and now have a fair number of interested people giving input!

I’ve done some contemplating as far as the title is concerned, but I’ve had both good feedback and mediocre feedback on the title (the only issue really being with “Misunderstood”, which can be claimed of a lot of negative groups, whether or not they deserve good publicity). I’ve decided not to change it for the moment, and instead focus on content.

  • Furry History – Includes fandom history and the history of anthropomorphism. Very fact-based.
  • Furry Identity – Talks about the creation and discovery of a fursona, and about how it changes.
  • Furry Spirituality – Addresses the spiritual aspects of furry, including therianism and other belief systems that are widely held by furries.
  • Furry Art – Will address traditional and digital art and the communities that foster this.
  • Furry Writing – Will address writing and the communities that foster this.
  • Furry Costuming – Will address fursuiting and the communities built around it.
  • Furry Society – Includes event planning, social dynamics, and the prevalence of online communities. This will play off of the communities mentioned in the preceding sections.
  • Furry Gatherings – Includes talk of conventions, and a deeper dive into the dynamics of furry events.
  • Furry Media – Includes talk about the efforts of furries to be recognized by the media, or to make their own media streams.
  • Furry Sexuality – Addresses the relevance of kinks, and how furry itself isn’t a kink, but it does attract a lot of people who have kinks, and how it encourages kinks by its general acceptance and the number of likeminded individuals.

So it’s a start, at least. I’ll be working on doing some writing and breakdowns of individual chapters, determining where I need to get input from professionals in the fandom, and where my own views may be the best resource I have. I’d like to petition Kage, Kathy Gerbasi, and others for contributions, but I want a consolidated list of what I need first before putting out the calls. I also am in the process of sourcing some artwork for the cover (preliminary sketches of which look fantastic), but current finances and the stage at which I’m at in my writing are not making moving forward on this a priority.

Hope to be providing more updates soon!

~ Aiden

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Project Blog – Getting Started

19 Apr

So despite my previous announcement of setting this up as a project blog, I’ve been decidedly lax in posting progress reports. I think using this opportunity to do just that will be advantageous in a number of ways, including getting all disparate elements sorted out.

I’m beginning to realize that my original timeline is… tighter than I thought it was. Apparently self-publishing takes something to the order of 4 months to implement, so if I’m sticking with my original implementation date of March, I’ll need to be done writing and interviewing by November 1st at the earliest. Wow. That’s 7-8 months for me to finish writing a book. Granted, that’s plenty of time, as a 200-250 page book should not be that complex to bring into being, but it’s still that much more of a shove to get things under way.

That said, I’m starting to wrap my head around potential contents, potential topics of discussion, and potential contributers who will help flesh out my vision of exactly what the book will contain. I’m also considering some methods to help ensure a drama-free release. Project #1 will be to break the below down even further and identify key topics and actually reach out to people interested in contributing.

Current outline of the contents:

  • Furry History (Origins, Historical, ‘Furry’ Inception)
  • Furry Society
  • Furry Art (Traditional, Digital, etc)
  • Furry Costuming ( / Forum Split)
  • Furry Technology (Internet, Websites)
  • Furry Spirituality (Therianism)
  • Furry Sexuality (Gender, Preferences)
  • Furry Drama (Tentative, Burned Fur?)
  • Furries in the Media (CSI, ER, MTV, Vanity Fair)

Potential Interviews:

  • Local furries.
  • Convention organizers.
  • Radio / YouTube personalities.
  • Business owners.
  • Furry ‘celebrities’.

~ Aiden


Project Blog – Announcement

06 Apr

So, in the interest of producing interesting content and actually having a reason to post here, I’m going to start using this journal as a correlary to my writing process, in effect turning it into a project blog. Fascinating, I know.

That said, I’d like to introduce the first project. Despite my intentions of writing a fantasy novel for months and months, now going on years, I’ve finally found an idea that isn’t ‘too big’, and that’s also ‘inspiring’ enough for me to push after it. The idea came about following a local convention that I volunteered for. I’m sure I’m not the only one in a community that’s been faced with the arduous task of explaining the community’s culture in 20 words or less to a random passer-by, and for the community in question I’ve often wished that there was an instant reference that I could keep close to hand in order to better educate people. Maybe I should make one? Better yet, I’m part of several communities where this is the case. Why not make a few?

So I announce my first project. Working title: “Chronicles of the Misunderstood: Furries”.

That’s right, it’s a book about furries. I’m wading neck-deep into the controversy, the trepidation, and the challenge of self-publishing a book on furries, and better yet, am giving myself a deadline of next March. I’m aiming for a Furnal Equinox 2011 release date.

This blog will be used as a general space to house my thoughts, research, and results in advance of the release of the actual book. Should be interesting, yes?

Anyways, stick around. I should be throwing some stuff up here soon to start my thought process.

~Aiden Wrenne

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Resolutions (of a sort)…

01 May

So you know how we all make those New Year’s resolutions, and then promptly forget all about them within a week? I know for a fact that I never make them to start with, just to save myself the disappointment (and, I like to think, because I’m happy with everything as it is).

I think I owe a few resolutions, one of which is to get this on again / off again blog back on its feet. :) I have an excellent site setup, an excellent identity, and loads to get off my chest that can’t be satisfied by the 140 character limit of my new Twitter addiction…

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12 Feb

Well, I suppose that’s simply titled enough. Ah well, suffice it to say it sums up this post pretty well.

Yes, I know I haven’t been keeping up to any regular pattern of updates, but mayhaps I will have a reason to update now. I’ll get to that in a minute.

First interesting bit of news, I grabbed a copy of the Windows 7 beta before the release window expired (basically, today). I am currently running a dual-boot of Windows XP and Windows 7 on my home desktop (not stupid enough to single boot on a beta OS), and I must say I am extremely impressed. Windows 7 gives us the same pretty look and most of the new navigation of Vista and adds a stable core to the system. For some strange reason, both me and my boyfriend have looked at the new OS, and after a brief period of tooling around with it, we are both confident in saying “I like this!”, despite there being very little physical or interactive difference for the system, and the both of us being firmly against Vista. Whatever Windows has done, they’ve done it right, and this is only just the Beta. I look forward to further advancements, and I’m actually looking forward to purchasing a copy of Windows’ new OS and actually feel happy to do so.

Now, on to the meat of things. When I first came up with the web domain and the title “Curved Perspective”, I did so for different reasons (and because I was just randomly coming up with stuff), but the base reason was because I felt that I did have a perspective that wasn’t as straightlined as others. I see different angles of things, different perspectives, and have an innate understanding of things that not everyone is able to tap into. While I’m not perfect by any means, this has still served me in a number of ways to experience and learn about life and culture. It’s part of the reason I want to go back to school for sociology or psychology, to give myself some further awareness beyond this unusual way of looking at things.

But now I realize that there are more than just a few people who have this kind of a perspective, even if they don’t realize it. I had realized this previously and at some point wanted to turn this website into a community of individuals who see things differently. I find alternative communities are huge for this, and given that I am part of a series of communities, this provides me an in for accessing all sorts of people to start the system off. I will be working on establishing this concept further, but I fully expect to build up a forum for this purpose and beginning to send out the invites right, left, and center. I can only hope this can succeed to the point of having a well-established community that can actually make an impression on the world at large, and while I have no specific goals for this entity, I am most definitely confident that it can do only good.

I invite everyone to take part and become involved in this if you feel that you match the requirements of being open-minded and having a curved perspective of your own. We’ll see where this goes.

~Aiden Wrenne


Due For An Update

09 Jan

Greetings, again!

It’s quite unfortunate what a low readership will do to your creativity. That said, I’ll be enabling user registration (albeit monitored) after posting this in hopes to actually get some comments going.

Very recently I was linked to a fascinating blog, which I’ll be popping in my sidebar shortly, and specifically this blog entry, which expanded upon the difficulties of defining a polyamorous relationship, or really anything. It’s a long read, but most definitely worthwhile!

I’m working on prioritizing things right now, as well as consolidating my online presence a little more in order to provide some more content rich posts, but for now I’ll need to sign off.

Take care, and think like you want to!

~ Aiden Wrenne


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Pre-Built Boxes

16 Dec

Ah, the box mentality.

Society has spent years manufacturing boxes to put people in. We’ve done it for personalities, for interests, for cultures, and for stereotypes. I like to think that I’m not so distracted a person to unnecessarily box people in without getting the time to know them. I know plenty of beautiful and amazing people that couldn’t fit into a box if they tried, but is that really a bad thing?

Give me any box and I can give you an exception that doesn’t fit inside of it. If you even attempt to claim that your series of boxes encompasses the world and any of your boxes holds more than one person, I will undoubtedly disagree.

Also, our boxes are getting old and rotten. The ones that have been around for hundreds of years are starting to look well and tattered, especially in modern society. Toss them aside and instead use aspects of self to identify the complex individuals that we are.

Kind of makes me wonder what kinds of aspects would make up a list?

~ Aiden Wrenne


Site Revamp

04 Dec

So I know the few people who actually read this blog had gotten used to the old style, but I finally got off my ass to change some things around here, namely finding a much better theme and tying the main URL in to a redirect to this page as well. Until such a time as I get a full-fledged website hosted on the main Curved Perspective URL, this blog will be the sum total of my front-facing web presence. I’ve got some ideas kicking around as to what else I’d like to pursue, but due to the time I do or do not have, this will only be conceived in the future.

That said, I hope everyone enjoys the new look, this fantastic theme provided by Inanis, and the integration of the new Gravatar project which he has indirectly introduced me to.

In the meantime, I’ll probably be tweaking and adjusting things to make them even more snazzy, and likely posting here on a more regular basis, but for now, I leave you with what it is!

~ Aiden Wrenne

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