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08 Nov

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce two new additions to my blogroll. As I’m still honing in on my intentions for this blog, as well as finding inspiration to write, I find that one thing has stayed consistent. I’m creating my own blogger community, centered on the people, things, and subjects that I value.

The first new addition is ClaimYourBeauty, an artistic blog centered around photography and the journey of finding love for oneself. The lovely Lisa posts revealing photography (nude or semi-nude) of herself as she comes to terms with her own perception of her body. The fact that not only is she doing this, but the fact that she’s sharing it with the world at large, is a humbling experience. I feel encouraged by such people, and am pleased to follow her journey and link others to it.

The second new addition is OhMyGodsThatGoesWhere?!, a blog created by several friends (Master Daemen, pet lexie, and MeiQingTing) who have a lot of experience in the sexual and kink scenes, and hope to share it with the world. Product reviews, 101 lessons, and more are expected from this resource, and based on the surge of posts I’ve seen in their first weeks, I look forward to more quality content.

As an aside on this post, I’ve decided to prevent myself from keeping this blog on a strict subject basis. I will be posting many different things here, all of which detail the ‘Curved Perspective’ I myself feel. I want to further expand upon it, develop it, and share content that helps advocate it. I hope to refine my view of it with the world, and hopefully have a concise way to describe such a thing if I’m ever asked why I named my blog what I did. :)

Thank you all, you’re awesome, and I look forward to having you share my journey as well.


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