Resolutions (of a sort)…

01 May

So you know how we all make those New Year’s resolutions, and then promptly forget all about them within a week? I know for a fact that I never make them to start with, just to save myself the disappointment (and, I like to think, because I’m happy with everything as it is).

I think I owe a few resolutions, one of which is to get this on again / off again blog back on its feet. :) I have an excellent site setup, an excellent identity, and loads to get off my chest that can’t be satisfied by the 140 character limit of my new Twitter addiction…

Now that I’ve dropped a few things that have been eating up time, I figure I can focus on this a little more. Getting my thoughts out there, analyzing different aspects of self and social psychology, as well as being a little more newsworthy.

The first item in this new vein is that I’m actively pursuing ‘plurality’ communities. As most are not aware, I find myself loosely associated with these groups as I have a bit of a split personality (while not in the conventional sense) that allows me a bit more breadth of experience. Actively investigating these groups will let me compare notes, collect viewpoints, and figure out just how dissimilar everyone is (just like how we’re dissimilar in every other way).

The second is my intense frustration with a man who, I thought, was an awesome author. Well frankly, he may still be an awesome author, but his significance in my ‘to read’ list has dropped drastically. Apparently, Orson Scott Card is of the firm impression that the advent of government support of gay marriage is a sign of the downfall of democracy, and we should all start a coup, or better yet, a civil war. Alright, I’ll admit. I added a little bit of color there. The fact that the connection between gay marriage and the fight against the democratic ruling power bears a striking resemblance to my limited awareness of the abolitionist movement with respect to the slave trade and the advent of the civil war limits how impressed I can be with such an outrageous statement. It’s been done before, and it turned out the better for us then too. And quite frankly, aren’t we a little old to be playing with guns and illiciting civil war? Really.

Anyways, that’s my verbal (or written?) diarrhea for the morning. Unfortunately I have occupation-related efforts that demand my attention.



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